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Next up is the star of the show — the invoice generator. Again, the design and layout are similar to the client manager and product manager, but the invoice manager software combines all three into the main functionality of IntroBills — invoice creation and management.

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Columns with information show the information you would normally expect from invoice software, invoice ID, name, client name, etc. Invoice controls are on the right-hand side, and they are also simple and streamlined. The few options available encompass everything you will ever need for managing bills. The button for creating a new invoice is at the top of the screen. The four buttons on the right are for opening PDF previews of invoices, opening the editor, accessing PDF previews with Sendmail support, and deleting invoices.

This is what is waiting for you when you open the first type of PDF preview this invoice software has to offer. The first button is the one without built-in Sendmail functionality. Clicking on this button generates an invoice preview and automatically opens it in a pop-up window. In the top right-hand corner, a Get PDF button appears, and clicking on it generates a PDF out of the preview and begins downloading it.

You might be wondering what the difference is between the first preview and the second PDF preview mentioned above. There are no major differences, in fact, except that the second PDF preview can automatically attach the generated PDF invoice to an email, which can then be easily sent right away from the pop-up window. You won't have to open up an email client, attach the generated PDF invoice, and then click send — everything is done for you automatically.


Creating a new invoice is straightforward and follows the same KISS approach as the rest of IntroBills. The image above shows the invoice creator in action. Before you start generating invoices, make sure to enter the client and product information you will be using. Newly-created invoices are added to the main list, from whence they can be easily managed using all of the aforementioned tools and features.


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