Trying to change the way we do things doesn't always sit well with us. Fear of the unknown, of the extra work involved with having to learn how to do things anew will deter most people away from anything new that might be presented to them. Even though hosted invoice management is with us for quite some time now, a lot of people are still not convinced it might be good for them. Today I'm gonna give you a list of 5 reasons why hosted invoice management might be better for you from standalone applications.

1. Human error reduction

You can read more about the reasons why we believe that human error reduction will occur with inclusion of hosted invoicing if you click on the title of this paragraph.

The basic gist of it is that you will no longer be relaying on filling out the info about clients and invoices manually, and hence there won't be that much of an opportunity to make mistakes when typing in the info about your customer or the product that you've selling.

2. Improved accessibility

What hosted invoicing means is that you have an online location and a database where you can access everything important for managing your existing invoices and to create new ones.

Both the database and the script for managing the invoices will be available online, thus making it possible for you to access your dashboard, have overview over invoices, create them all from anywhere in the world where there is an active internet connection.

3. It helps you deal with late payment reduction

We talked about how not getting paid in time can seriously cause business problems. It's possible for example to not being able to pay your own invoices in time.

A slow invoicing department can cause all these problems and more. Your employees might not fill out the invoice info properly, they might end up getting lazy and not filling it out in time, they might forget to do it altogether, which is possible, especially if there're increased volumes of work that the company is involved with.

4. It's possible to save money

Times are though, economically speaking. Recent reports are saying that even Europe is experiencing a slowdown. What you need to do as someone in charge of a company, is to find that ways to cut costs.

Saving money on invoicing might not save you a lot of money, but it sure does save money if you switch from pen and paper to something more 21st century, which hosted invoicing certainly is.

5. Reducing staff and costs in general

This point can be lumped together with the previous one, but it bears repeating. When you're trying to save money on reducing costs then employees should be the last place for you to start but wages are a huge expense and for any real savings to be made, you will need to cut down staff.

Hosted invoicing is more modern it requires less manpower and hence it's not that far-fetched to think that you can actually save money by introducing hosted invoicing and from that point on reduce staff and thusly costs.

Final thoughts

We hope that we gave you a lot of good reasons why move away from old and outdated invoicing methods that you're used until now, and to switch to something a bit more modern. IntroBills is our hosted invoicing product that we hope might be interesting enough to peak your interest. Give it a try and let us know what you think by contacting us.

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