One thing that using computers and automation in general has made possible is to decrease the human error factor from the work process. We humans aren't perfect, we get distracted, lazy, tired, and sometimes we just lack the necessary skill to keep track of everything that can go wrong while at work. Even though processing invoices isn't something that's life or death important so that you can't make mistakes, every mistake that you do make could end up costing you dearly in delayed payments and time that you spend correcting wrongly sent or archived invoices. Hosted invoice management solutions can help you out in situations like these.

Reduce human errors in invoicing with hosted invoice management

Let's face it, invoice processing isn't the most thrilling of tasks, but it needs to be done. If the way you're processing invoices now requires a lot of "manual labor", meaning it requires lots of form filling from your accounts payable department, then you run the risk of there being a lot of errors when it comes to invoice processing.

Most businesses have moved to some form of software that can help with invoice management, but software is of little use when it comes to human error reduction if it still requires that client information and product information to be filled out manually, each time that an invoice is created. Some apps don't have this very important feature, they pose more as a tool to format the invoice, the information that's showed on the actual invoice needs to be setup manually.

Client management list of clients

Now there are other invoice processing tools that don't suffer from this type of issue, and they really can be considered to be an effective method to decrease the amount of errors that are present in invoice processing. IntroBills is an online invoicing software which will up to a point remove the human factor out of the invoice processing because it has two things.

The two things that IntroBills has is a database of products and a database of clients. That's what you can see on the image above. What these two things mean is that when creating invoices and filling out important information like list of products (or services that are sold) and the information of the client for whom the invoice is intended.

Since you end up with all the problematic data, data that could be filled out wrongly, filled out for you, then that means that you won't be having problems with mistakes and misspellings in client information, product descriptions, quantities, etc.

Final thoughts

Even though many people fear automation and the increasing use of computers will cost them their jobs, perhaps that doesn't need to be the case when it comes to invoice processing. Instead it could mean that you improve your productivity and accuracy. You can see how that is the case in the example given above. Human error reduction is another reason why hosted invoice management might be better than the standard invoicing methods.

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