Hosted invoicing has a lot of advantages over standalone invoicing applications. We already covered several of them since we started talking about hosted online invoicing a couple of weeks back. But what we're gonna be talking about today is another frequently overlooked advantage of hosted online invoicing and that is the ability to access your invoicing dashboard from practically anywhere in the world, as long as you have an active internet connection that is.

Advantages of hosted online invoicing - accessibility

Most heads of companies and small businesses alike can't be at a computer screen at all times. Traveling and conducting business meetings is a part of everyday life. Traveling and not being in the company means that you won't be able to have everything under control directly. Accounts payable having an in-house system will in this situation mean that you won't be able to manage your accounts directly, and you won't be able to resolve any problems that might arose.

Hosted online invoicing is where the entire software and database that the accounts payable department is using is stored online, on third party servers. When there's a problem with an invoice, when using hosted online invoicing it's easier for your to access your account and help sort out the problem. You just need to login to the invoicing dashboard that you have, and from there change anything that might needs to be changed.

Accessibility here would mean two different things. First it referrers to the fact that you can access the account dashboard from anywhere where there is an active internet connection. Next it means that you can access the dashboard from a wide range of devices. This particular feature is also referred to as responsiveness. Meaning a design that "responds" and changes to the type of device that visits a website, or in this case the invoice dashboard.

Most of us have modern smartphones which are pretty much always with us. Instead of having to haul you laptop when traveling, you can just use your smartphone to access the website and deal with any problems that might arose when it comes to account processing. Just whip out your phone, type in the address of your account dashboard, login and manage everything in just a few mouse clicks.

Final thoughts

Accessibility can help you out a lot in this fast paced world that we're in. Being on the move is a must, but at the same time you also need to keep in touch with your team back in HQ for any problems that might occur. That's where you can use hosted online invoicing to your advantage, just like we described in the previous paragraphs.

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